mind3The assumption that we all use our brains in the same way for thinking is an erroneous belief that has led to a confusion of people ‘s competencies and to difficult relationships.
We’ve been told that some people are smart and others aren’t, that some of us learn easily and others don’t.
The cultural tendency is to use labels for people such as stupid, slow, crazy, incompetent, disorganised shy, and weird.
Many scars we still carry as adults originate from these same labels laid down in childhood.
The fact is -  each of us has different ways of being smart and focused, or conscious,
Different ways of being centered or between our conscious and unconscious mind
And different ways of sensing aptitudes and patterns of natural intelligence
The untrained mind rarely stays still and operates on


three basic levels or states of thinking: Conscious, Subliminal and Unconscious and doesn’t don’t march in step to your command, but flows in and out of these states in tides and rhythms.
Your thought-flow through these states can be demonstrated best as a spiral.


Your brain, in the waking state is detail-oriented, attentive, linear & smart, producing mostly beta waves, you are at the centre. you’re most alert, least receptive, and the common view is that if you’re not in this state, you’re not learning

Conscious Mind
In this state you’re most alert but least receptive, you accumulate short-term information but don’t necessarily learn it.

If you can imagine your whole mind as a hungry body, then this is where you decide what you want to eat, although, ,

you don’t get to eat

As you relax, the spiral opens to the subliminal level where you may experience confusion or wonderment.

Here your thoughts chew on the material, sort & start to digest and your attention diffuses & scatters. At this point & in this state your brain produces an increase in alpha waves.


Subliminal Mind
Your brain has a wider way of paying attention, where it produces alpha waves, wanders and daydreams, sorts and chooses, churning pictures, words and sounds or movement and feeling like your digestive system does.
You shift to the next deeper state, where you allow yourself to think about one side of an issue and then the other Click 8 SWING SLIDE you shift into “neutral gear” and sort out what is self and what is other and what will be kept and what will be discarded.
It is vital for decision making for without it you’d would swallow everything whole without thinking about whether it’s right for your view of the world and your patterns & agendas. It’s like the stomach of the mind, churning things around. Your mind as a hungry body begins to eat, deciding what to digest and how, sorting, metabolising and exploring options for the vast amounts of input received from the outer world.


In this trance-itional it links your conscious to your unconscious mind perceive details and the whole of something at the same time..
Click 10 At the wide theta/delta unconscious thinking and processing occurs happen you blank and disappear momentarily

dissapear and your are least alert but most receptive. Unconscious thought is integrated, filed, stored and formed into new patterns, your attention becomes the most diffuse of all - here the spiral is wide open
and you are lost in your innermost awareness, which is formed by mode of symbols and interconnections. Here your brain is generating an increase in theta waves.
The unconscious state is the fully expanded 100%, Click 13 Spiral and your intuition is your source, guide and thread to this. It’s specialty is storing life experience thinking in many ways at once and it understands how things connect.
It communicates in a complex language


of dreams and symbols constantly forming new patterns from your new experiences and it creativity calculate and seed multiple possibilities.
Your unconscious mind is the mode of thought most capable of understanding the whole of something, the widest landscape, the point of spiritual connection and the elusive place of insight, inner voice or gut feeling.
Your mind as a hungry body has eaten, digested and goes about assimilating, finding connections and building neurotransmitters around all the cells in your body from this meal.

. It is a mystical inventive jungle, with no specific destination and with no way for it to be wrong or right, the chameleon creative unconscious can join with any one else’s perspective. It’s not a good place to solve problems; but it can find patterns and connections to the problem with new ways to approach it communicating back to you in symbols.

The spiral symbol can be best described like this:


We expand the flow of information and possibilities when we imagine - and condense the flow when we focus, concentrate and express.
As thought moves wider in the spiral, it becomes more and more symbolic, receptive, intuitive, sensitive, private and intimate, and we are less and less aware of it and able to concentrate on one thing.
When you wish to attend to linear tasks such as planning your day or adding sums up, you condense your attention down through the alpha state, the bridge between your inner and outer worlds to beta-beam of focus, and your ability to focus will have much to do with whether or not you generate more of the beta and less of the other wider rampant frequencies.
In this way your mind is constantly expanding and contracting like your lungs, or heart, widening as it opens to digest and create new patterns in your unconscious mind and contracting to concentrate and express what is in your unconscious mind

Each mode of thinking has benefits and drawback and thought is meant to flow through them all.
Using your mind effectively means finding the organic way your mind sifts experience through the spiral of thinking.

Become aware of the specific sequence your brain uses to access each state of consciousness. You will need to study your current language and behavioural patterns and observe how your mind receives and organises information. It is important to take some time over this to accurately identify which one is yours.
There are six thinking patterns of natural intelligence
You can seek out and study your intrinsic language / behavioural pattern, noticing how your mind receives & organises information. Allow time to accurately identify which is your pattern

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