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What is all the buzz about ...Neurotransmitters are  chemicals that are used to transmit nerve signals across a synapse.

They are sprayed from the end of the “upstream” nerve cell and absorbed by receptors in the “downstream” cell.

Brain signals are electrical (Galvani - 1791, Rolando - 1809)

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4 Kids, Big Kids & Trekkies from Uncle Milton Industries

Uncle MIlton Star Wars Force Trainer Test Tube
It's a headline, innovative & primo EEG neurofeedback toy and the first of a wave of them to hit the market. This is includes Barbie (Mattel) Mindflex and the Emotiv hat. This paradigm-shaking new game monitors brainwave activity and allowing you the user to control a small ball moving through a 10 inch training tower using nothing but mental focus and concentration.
It’s good tech. You control a ping-pong ball by the power of your mind. No really. The main unit is a Star Wars branded base, liberally laced with red LEDs, out of which climbs a clear plastic tube more correctly termed the Jedi Training Tower. Inside this is the Jedi training sphere, which rises or falls in the Tower according to the power of the fan at its base, which blows it up there

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mind3The assumption that we all use our brains in the same way for thinking is an erroneous belief that has led to a confusion of people ‘s competencies and to difficult relationships.
We’ve been told that some people are smart and others aren’t, that some of us learn easily and others don’t.
The cultural tendency is to use labels for people such as stupid, slow, crazy, incompetent, disorganised shy, and weird.
Many scars we still carry as adults originate from these same labels laid down in childhood.
The fact is -  each of us has different ways of being smart and focused, or conscious, Read more »