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Imagination: It’s all in your mind; success, health, peak performance, and good relationships

The process of Imagineering involves consciously and deliberately, harnessing the process of your imagination
Albert Einstein stated, Imagination is more important than knowledge.
A great hypnotherapist , Emile Coue disclosed that; When the imagination and the will are in conflict, the imagination always wins.
What this means is - when you decide with your will to change or create difference in your life; if your imagination, your unconscious agendas and desires, imagines otherwise, then your next version of the future is planned accordingly.
The best of intentions backed by will power cannot bring about significant change should you succeed, it takes consistent and concerted effort to create life changes over a stretch of time.
For some it is only with a second religion, third marriage or fourth career that real changes actually happen. The solution is – to combine your will power with your imagination . Read more »

Mind Tools Blog is based on the Mindlab Training Series, a fusion of our previous experiences with the mind using the tools of meditation, self-hypnosis and creative visualization over a thirty-year period and our present focus on emerging mind technologies such as neurofeedback and brain games.

Even though we are born with a trillions of neuronal connections we’re not conditioned to manage our own minds to the point where most of us allow our minds to just run on as there were no inhabitant

Few of us ever venture beyond the small cupboard of our repetitive mental tapes limiting mental processes and personal identity.

There has been much research into stress and the mind, but little research addressing the confining, repetitive nature of our mental processes.

“You’ve compounded and reinforced your brand of reality throughout your life and in a sense are now held captive by the thoughts that advertise it”. Read more »