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Open Mind 2

When you enter an art gallery, or see a fireworks display or the most exquisite sunset, what do you experience?
If you are visually conscious, your mind will contract, focus, become alert and stimulated to multi-task; you want to explore, discuss and share your experience and enjoyment of the work or scene, and you can simultaneously contribute to a conversation, and still think of your shopping list.
If you are visually subconscious, you experience seeing things from two directions, moving back and forth between enjoying the inspiration and ideas of work or scene from different angles, colours and patterns, and enjoying what it does for you internally, such as giving inspiration, pictures, memories, ideas etc. Seeing details and the big picture at the same time Read more »

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"

Some things  to create positive accelerated change in your life:
Imagine the means to your goal, mentally rehearsing  & nurturing the feeling, as if it’s already happened.

Earth-wire each achievable step, bringing it to life using emotions.
Collaborate with an inner guide or board of celebrities selected from history for advising you.
Relive and rehearse past successes as if they are memories from your future.
Much of your power for success is simply practice erasing bad events, and bring back and maintain good events in an expanded present. Research has shown that successful people generally remember good events and forget the bad;
Stick your greatest successes on a wall in your house somewhere. Gaze and think on them with respect for the person who accomplished them, re-experiencing them.
Recall a time when you felt the way you want to feel, & get back into that feeling.
In Pronoia, the Antidote to Paranoia, Rob Brezsny declares evil is boring, the universe is friendly, and life is a sublime gift created for our amusement and illumination. Pronoia is the suspicion that people everywhere are conspiring for your betterment and always doing the best they can with the resources they have right now to help you and are basically on your side Read more »

Just think of all the processes that our unconscious regulates for us automatically that we take for granted: respiration, digestion, sensation, perception, memory storage, endocrine and immunological functions, motor skills and more. It seems that that the things that are most important to us are, by necessity, automatic or unconscious. Why? Think what would happen if we ever forgot to do one of them for any period of time. What if we forgot to digest our food or became so preoccupied with something that we forgot to breathe?
So you might want to ask yourself what evolutionary or intelligent design system would make dreaming one of those automatic unconscious processes?
What purpose does dreaming have? We have all woken from a dream with the feeling that there must be more to this than these odd surrealistic symbols and setting…

A dream is a reality that we create in the form of night dreams, daydreams, beliefs, and trances; even our waking life can be a dream. Read more »

Get Smarter!
magicianSport commercials show stars in a way that entertains and excites
us, then flash up their logo or product at a significant moment.
In this way a link between good feelings about the sporting heroes and the company are formed in your mind.

The commercial is then repeated many times in short succession sand placed in a formidable position like a sport-oriented movie

to strengthen the neural pathways in the brain associating good feelings with the company.

this feeling is then strengthened through repetition.

Later when fans see the brand they get a subtly good feeling without realising why,

Similarly politicians align themselves with positive associations

They associate power and success through proximity to world leaders, rock-stars and heroic sports figures,

They associate humanitarian values by visiting hospitals and the homeless
and go out on the street to meet people to associate the values of simplicity and being down-to-earth
The Nazis used association to incite hatred of Jewish people in Germany by placing images of rats next to Jewish people in their propaganda films.

Remembering once again that information beamed at the unconscious doesn’t need to be true, only plausible
Your brain is a mass of millions of neural pathways. Each idea & memory moves along its own path.  Read more »

Get Smarter!Advertising for the Inner TV, run your own guerilla campaign

Advertising for the Inner TV, run your own guerilla campaign

According to Guy Flaxton, from the University of Bristol, the way we think as a race does not give any credibility to the subliminal and unconscious mind. We do not engage with our minds at large and as a race the result is we are becoming dumber.

In times past we had rituals, herbs, and tribal means to access the other than conscious mind.

Today sadly advertisements are one of the only mechanisms that formally access and bridge your conscious mind to the subliminal mind; and by their continuous exposure, commercials form new neural pathways to your brain.

today we’ll be talking about advertising and how it affects your subconscious and unconscious mind and how to form an ad campaign for your inner TV

Much of what you learned at school has dropped into the precipice of your unconscious of our unconscious mind, where it remains  as an active although unconscious emoting symbolic and dreaming force. However although this is the case it does not mean that it unaccessible by normal conscious means

As we have mentioned in previous podcasts, normal everyday consciousness is merely a skin veiling an entire spectrum of available levels of awareness, intelligence and experience. Read more »