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What is all the buzz about ...Neurotransmitters are  chemicals that are used to transmit nerve signals across a synapse.

They are sprayed from the end of the “upstream” nerve cell and absorbed by receptors in the “downstream” cell.

Brain signals are electrical (Galvani - 1791, Rolando - 1809)

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4 Kids, Big Kids & Trekkies from Uncle Milton Industries

Uncle MIlton Star Wars Force Trainer Test Tube
It's a headline, innovative & primo EEG neurofeedback toy and the first of a wave of them to hit the market. This is includes Barbie (Mattel) Mindflex and the Emotiv hat. This paradigm-shaking new game monitors brainwave activity and allowing you the user to control a small ball moving through a 10 inch training tower using nothing but mental focus and concentration.
It’s good tech. You control a ping-pong ball by the power of your mind. No really. The main unit is a Star Wars branded base, liberally laced with red LEDs, out of which climbs a clear plastic tube more correctly termed the Jedi Training Tower. Inside this is the Jedi training sphere, which rises or falls in the Tower according to the power of the fan at its base, which blows it up there

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Mind Tools has come across a pretty amazing new device gadget that fits into the category of Cognitive Optometry .

Behavioural optometry (also known as "functional optometry") is an expanded area of optometric practice that uses a holistic approach in the treatment of vision and vision information processing problems.[1] The practice of behavioural optometry incorporates various vision therapy methods and has been characterised as a complementary alternative medicine practice.

The Eyeport is an electronic vision training system that claims to improve your visual performance. "Through a combination of sound, color and light, the Eyeport optimizes the ability of the eyes to aim, track, focus and work together as a team," according to the company's site. Invented by Dr. Jacob Liberman and cleared by the FDA, the Eyeport certainly looks strange, but it's supposed to be easy to use. (Just don't poke your eye out.)
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Open Mind 2

When you enter an art gallery, or see a fireworks display or the most exquisite sunset, what do you experience?
If you are visually conscious, your mind will contract, focus, become alert and stimulated to multi-task; you want to explore, discuss and share your experience and enjoyment of the work or scene, and you can simultaneously contribute to a conversation, and still think of your shopping list.
If you are visually subconscious, you experience seeing things from two directions, moving back and forth between enjoying the inspiration and ideas of work or scene from different angles, colours and patterns, and enjoying what it does for you internally, such as giving inspiration, pictures, memories, ideas etc. Seeing details and the big picture at the same time Read more »

Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow

The ancient Sanskrit Chandogya Upanishad text informs us: It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…There is no joy in smallness, joy is in the infinite 
Your inner voice is a performing sub-personality expressing your inner and hidden agendas and may be compared to a or mind puppet or marionette. This inner voice formed over time, by converging suggestions programmed into and accepted by your subliminal mind, which in turn stores your point of view and values.
Our shadow might be described as: our unexamined likes and dislikes hopes and fears 
We have varying ranges of flexibility in our capacities to bring up resources from the unconscious to the conscious. There are negative aspects like; traumas, fears. Jealousy, limiting beliefs, etc., as well as good aspects such as; Extended Self, inner guidance, positive intent, forgotten or discounted resources. etc. So we’ve all been doing shadow work unintentionally, for a long time. Where and who you are today is a result of the combination of your conscious thoughts, and your unconscious desires & agendas. Most information you receive remains subliminal and projected out onto people and events around you Read more »